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We made it to New Orleans early Friday afternoon. The weather was nice, it was warm and sunny, very different from Atlanta. After being on the road for six and half hours, we were starving and I wanted seafood, of course. We went to none other than the French quarter to have our first lunch at The Royal House Oyster Bar. The restaurant was beautiful and historic, much like the rest of the city. After indulging  in oysters, a glass of wine, and a light salad, we headed off to our Airbnb to change and get going to our final destination.

                My boyfriend and I were attending Buku Music and Arts festival. It was long anticipated after seeing the line up in December; I instantly got my ticket right away. Usually when picking festivals I carefully examine the lineup. Which artists have I seen that are on the lineup? Who haven’t I seen?  Is there a good mixture of artists? Is the lineup overall worthy of dancing to? Needless to say, this lineup exceeded all of my expectations! It had a good selection of artists which consisted of rappers, singers, and Dj’s. From Deadmau5, Alina Baraz, Shiba San to Aminé, this festival fulfilled my musical soul.

I grabbed my olive-green velvet dress and wore it with a long, floral print light cardigan. I found the cardigan the day before and had to bring it for the festival. The print was Japanese inspired, decorated with cranes and flowers of different colors all around. However, soon after I put on the dress I thought, “I’m going to be insanely hot in this and then wearing a cardigan on top of that? Yikes.” But of course I got over it and wore it anyway.  Sure, it was a little tacky and wild but I loved the details of it all together. I wore a pair of baby blue socks with a picture of a naked man laying down with my white high top chucks for comfort because it is a festival and comfort is always best.  As for jewelry, I wore my two black Yin-Yang chokers and stacked it with a gold-plated statement necklace. I loaded my fingers with every ring I could find. I unbraided my hair and did the bare minimum with my makeup by only doing my eyebrows and lashes. By the end of the night, I was beyond glad I wore my cardigan with me since the festival resided right next to the Mississippi River and hit you with a fresh breeze.

Saturday was much cooler. It had that “about to pour” look all day with all the dark clouds and windy air. This time I wore a pastel yellow t-shirt embroidered with none other than the Yin and Yang sign; one of my favorite shirts because of its simplicity and powerful symbol. The rest of my ensemble was in all black; skirt, stockings, boots, shades. I’m not sure how my Zara motorcycle boots lasted but they did. They’ve been through life and still can’t let them go. I kept hair and make-up minimal again and added no jewelry. Because I was so tired, I didn’t feel like dealing with ring jewelry especially since they fall off so easily as I wave my hands to the beats.

 Running late, per usual, we missed one of the main artists I was dying to see. There were many St. Patrick’s day festivities in the city and we happened to see a parade happening just steps outside of our Airbnb right on Magazine St.  This caused streets to close and therefore 15 minutes to the festival grounds turned into an hour.  By the time we got there, I had missed Alina Baraz. I shed a couple of tears, not gonna lie. Being a huge fan of her heartfelt music, she announced she was going on tour earlier this year. I couldn’t believe it. I felt like she heard my twitter prayers of coming to Atlanta last year. (She liked my tweet btw.) Not only did I miss her at Buku, but I was also going to miss her the next day back in Atlanta which I had already gotten tickets to. I had to sell them due to a family emergency and had to leave for Mexico that Sunday. I was utterly disappointed and heartbroken.  A double whammy. Not letting it ruin my day, I got back into the groove of the festival and enjoyed the remainder of the day. I was beyond pleased I saw Deadmau5 as he had been on the list to see for many, many years. Needless to say, the festival overall was filled with good vibes, dope underground art and music, and scenic views of the city’s river. At the end of each festival, I always ask myself, would I come back to this festival again? A most definite yes.

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