Nasty women’s day.


March 8th: International Women’s day aka Nasty Women’s day as I like to call it. I was fortunate to have found a fantastic event; the Nasty Women Fundraiser at The Mammal Gallery in downtown Atlanta. It was an event to fundraise for the gallery’s upcoming exhibition . A friendly $10 suggested donation and you made a worthy cause all while dancing to groovy beats of nasty women DJ’s from the city like Dj Onidotcom.

I was in the mood for a LBD. I was ecstatic because it was the first time I was finally going to take out this black, pleather Zara dress I bought 6 months ago. Wow. Honestly, it doesn’t even feel like it was that long ago but I’m kind of disappointed it took me 6 months! It was a chic, pocket dress “I have to wear a belt with it.”, I thought. No belt meant looking like a box. With a belt it gave me an hourglass figure. I took a look in my closet and I saw the one belt that would be perfect for this outfit.

It was vintage, and it was my mother’s. I saw it in her closet when I was about 15-16 years old and stole it. Crazy enough, I’ve only worn this belt once before. A statement belt must be worn only a handful times, it was that special. It was a tan brown leather belt incrusted with a butterfly stamp giving it a certain look. Its pinned with little, gold x’s holding each leather strand. It was so 70’s. I wore my Zara black, gold studded sandals and added a small touch with a cocktail ring and a small bracelet given to me from Colombia. If I had to pick a color to pair black with, it’d be gold. Black and gold compliment each other so well, it never does you wrong. A win/win every time.

My hair was braided and I kept my makeup natural but with a winged eyeliner. As I got to my boyfriend’s I underestimated the weather thinking it was warmer than usual. And of course to me 60 degrees is cold so I changed my sandals to black OTK boots. I felt so confident in my skin with this outfit. It was powerful and fitting considering it was a day for women empowerment . Off we went to meet up with great friends to celebrate the Nasty Women of the World.

Dress: Zara

Boots: Aldo

Purse: Zinah’s Closet

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