Sango on a Thursday. 


Finally Thursday! I was going to see one of my favorite artists in the now. And if you don’t listen to Sango, you’re missing out on dope music. I go to many shows, I can’t help it. My music taste is highly expanded, the limit does not exist. When I go to a concert, I dress depending on the artist. I usually go with a pair of sneakers, a cap, and an oversized jacket.

A pair of white leather hightop chucks so I can dance in peace. I found a cool pair at Buffalo Exchange paying $30 bucks for them. Even the guy who checked me out was in shock of the steal I scored. They were nice. An unstructured cap because I don’t always like the beaming strobe lights on my face the entire time. Also, to look cool. Lastly, a light,oversized jacket because of its versatility. I wore another nude dress and this one is my favorite, hugging every curve with gratitude. I topped it with a chocolate colored jacket with absolutely no jewelry. Doing the bare minimum and being monochromatic is a fave styling trick of mine. So this relaxed look with a night of souletic music was a
nice start to the weekend.

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