Lazy Sunday. 

After a Saturday night of Korean BBQ and a Bro Safari show, I was so glad it was Sunday. I decided to get my day started rather later than usual. I hopped out the shower and was dying of hunger and dehydration. I dress in my mood and today was no exception. Since it was rather chilly today than the past week, it was a lazy dress kind of day. I grabbed my nude dress and decided to post it on Snapchat. One of my friends complimented me on the dress and said, “Are you gonna write it about it on your blog?”I laughed and said,” I really should because this outfit is weird af.”So here we are.

I put on my little nude dress and some sneakers to match. The dress was a long over the knee and it was a size bigger. I got it intentionally like that because I didn’t want it to be super tight like my other dresses are.  Since I was in no mood to dress up nor put my face on, I threw on my new big shades and left my hair as it was, wet and unbrushed.  I put on my new red socks with a detail of a middle finger. I busted out my New Balance 580 elite edition sneakers. They’re one of my favorite pairs to wear because they extremely comfortable and I dig their color way. It’s a combination of a dark forest green, plum purple, and different shades of grey. I covered the dress with a black North Face jacket and my small, over the shoulder flower embroidered bag I got as a gift from Mexico. The only accessory I blessed it with were from yesterday as I got my gel, mood changing nails that changed olive green to a bright neon green. There you have it, a fugly, Sunday laze outfit.

Dress: F21

Jacket: The North Face

Sneakers: New Balance

Glasses: So Good Beauty Supply Store

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