Looking through my drawer of clothes thinking, “What haven’t I worn already?” It was Saturday night and I was going out with my mystery man. I thought of all the things I’ve bought and haven’t worn like this pastel grey dress. As well as this all black, leather dress just begging for me to pick one of them for a night out on the town. Rolling my eyes, I ignored both options and decided to wear pants. I found my MAC “Ruby Woo” red high waist wide leg trousers, perf! I schemed through my drawer of tops and couldn’t find what I was looking for. I looked in my underwear drawer where I keep all my bodysuits and saw the only choice I had.

When I say only choice , it was the only bodysuit I had not worn, go figure. It was  loose from the top which is why I never wore it. When you’re curvy and ordering clothes online, especially tiny garments, you can’t take that risk of ordering your regular size in a site you’ve never shopped at. I played it safe and got a size bigger. At first, it seemed like your regular tube top bodysuit until you see the choker like wraparound hanging in the back. It was a choker for your shoulders wrapped around on top creating an off the shoulder look. It was a minimal, clean, and an angled delight of a detail. An off the shoulder grey bodysuit and wide leg trousers and I was in love.

I opted for a golden, double cuff bracelet. I paired it with a diamond ring that had rows of diamonds overlapping each other. As for makeup I usually go very plain Jane because make up is not my expertise. I did a mixture of golden brown shades thanks to Estee Lauder’s Gritty & Glow Magnetic Eye and Face Palette. Although I  was in the mood for a red lip, my trousers did enough wooing for the both of us, I went nude on the lip. I grabbed my vintage, black handbag purse and put on my Steve Madden leopard print strap heel sandals. Running late, per usual, I grabbed my faux fur jacket to give it the final touch. A dash of Marc Jacobs Daisy in my hair and wrists and out the door I went.

 We headed down to East Atlanta Village for dinner at one of my favorite places in the village, Argosy.  After that, we went to yet another installment of Project B down in Edgewood at The Sound Table. I was super relieved I wore pants that night, I was free to dance all night long without worrying to pull down my dress if I’d worn one. My shoulder choker on the other hand, was another story.


Bodysuit: Boohoo

Pants: Boohoo

Black handbag clutch purse: Vintage

Golden cuff + diamond ring: F21

Strap heels: Steve Madden


Eyeshadow: Estee Lauder Gritty & Glow Magnetic Eye and Face Palette

Lips: MAC Persistence Matte Lipstick

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