Supreme X Louis Vuitton

img_0770It  was the beginning of men’s fashion week last week in Paris and the city has already started a commotion. Louis Vuitton’s luxury brand teamed up with the highly well-known skateboarding company Supreme for their 2017 Fall Men’s collection. As a young millennial who is into the luxurious side of fashion as well as the cool, urban street style, the news got my blood boiling, for good. A high-end label such as LV teaming up with a  cool brand like Supreme?! This collaboration is definitely one for the books that will be highly sought after by the sneaker heads, cool/rich kids, and the older, stylish gentlemen as well. The legendary, French monogram stamped with the SUPREME logo detailed throughout the collection is beyond a fashion statement, it’s symbolic.

For those that do not know  what Supreme is, it was founded in NYC early 90’s, 1994 to be exact by James Jebbia. It’s known as a skateboarding brand where the skaters can shop, hang out and bring their skateboards along into the store. Due to their increasingly popularity and their vast influence, they’ve created a loyal following of sneaker-heads, rappers, artists, and cool urban junkies alike. With their POP ART logo inspired by Barbara Kruger and their low-key manner of releasing their collections, they’ve constructed an everlasting magical hype. No matter what they release, YOU know it will instantly sell and demand is through the roof. From collaborations with brands and artists such as The North Face, Terry Richardson, and Commes Des Garcons to name a few, Supreme is reigned forever cool.

So when I heard  Louis Vuitton collaborating with Supreme, it took me back for a moment. A luxurious,timeless empire of LV  pairing up with a youthful, crisply, dope brand, it’s refreshing and counter intuitive . It’s combining the essence of classic with youthfulness that is brilliant yet in an effortlessly, tasteful approach as Louis Vuitton executes impeccably like they always do. Considering LV men’s collection audience is more appealing to a mature crowd, the collaboration has opened a new window for a younger generation of buyers. It has potentially begun a new drift for the high fashion world and street wear brands to team up creating collections for men giving them far more exclusivity than ever. Both individually strong and influential names have created a mega hype far bigger than men’s fashion week alone for the men of style everywhere. I hope to see many more collaborations in the future as I am excited for the possibilities that can transcend from a dynamic duo of designers. Perhaps we’ll get to see a  Balenciaga X Stussy or Alexander Wang X Kith one, only time will tell.

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