Pre-birthday Sunday Funday


As you may not know, my birthday is coming up! In fact, it’s tomorrow and I could not be any more pleasantly at ease about turning 24. I decided not to go out-of-town this year due to planning future trips but that did not stop me from celebrating it.  I decided to go to out yesterday evening kicking off my pre-birthday Sunday funday celebration! I headed my way down to Edgewood Ave to The Sound Table for a Project B event. Sounds of the underground deep house, soulful lit atmosphere, and detailed cocktails was the perfect way to get my birthday started. I invited a couple of friends to join me and especially, one of my dearest friend and fashionista joined me for a night of good vibes and dancing.

She texted me a picture of her outfit saying, “Cute or nah? Or should I take the top off?” “Love it. Get your ass over here!”, I said. We met up at the bar where I was with my mystery man and got a round of drinks. In the midst of it all, we take a look at each other’s outfit and gasp YASSS gleaming at our outfits, per usual. Gossiping to each other on our chic outfit details as if we’re swapping secret recipes. She was wearing a vintage,white pinstripe mini skirt with a sexy slip on the side. Pairing it up with a black, long sleeve crop top, all under a ZARA see-thru long blouse. Rocking it with black  velvet booties and thigh high socks made this look BOMB. All that was needed were a pair of hoops, a gold watch and it was donned a dope outfit. That’s the beauty of having a fashionista as a friend, we can talk, celebrate and empower one another through the spirit of style.

I was in all black with a dash of color and a hint of gold. I finally got to wear this amazing black velvet onesie I found at a thrift shop! This wasn’t your ordinary onesie. From the inner arm to your wrist was a sheer cover surrounding it making me look part bat, part Morticia Addams. I loved it, it was playful and fun to dance in as I wave my arms vibing to the beat. I paired it with these high waist shorts I found at Urban Outfitters. The shorts were thick and had this impeccable print, think Byzantium style. I wore my black OTK boots with see-thru tights and lastly, a black and gold-embroidered statement choker to piece this ensemble together. I slicked my hair in a side, low ponytail and put on my  “DAMNED” everlasting liquid lipstick by Kat Von D and was out the door. My goth boho look was ideal for the night that awaited me. For a cold, winter Sunday funday, there was no other place I would have rather been warming up, dancing the night away in style.

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