First of the year!


2017 is finally here! What a fantastic 2016 filled with joyful memories, fulfilling adventures, and good vibes all year around. Like most things, all good things must come to an end. Also like most things, better things are yet to come.  I have not really set a set of goals I want to achieve but rather create new habits and continue to consistently better myself. The one thing I have set myself to do this year is to be more involved in what I love doing. Becoming more interactive with my blog, posting daily outfits, paying more attention to detail, talk about trends, and networking!  This is still a work in progress, I hope everyone can bare with me and go along for the ride! You are all very much appreciated.

So with that being said, the first post of 2017 is dedicated to the first outfit of the year! It was my best friend’s birthday and as always, we all showed out and STUNTED. I opted for a dark olive-green velvet dress courtesy of Forever21. As I usually try to stay away from F21 and their fast fashions, sometimes you just can’t help pass out a good deal! As I was snooping around and digging through their overwhelming racks of clothes, I found a dark olive velvet dress and I kind of fell in love. I paired it with a dark winter green choker, an olive green bomber actual military jacket, Aldo black OTK (over-the-knee) boots, and a Zara white see-through mini purse. I was totally digging the different shades of green, made me feel like money and money makes me feel serene. For someone who doesn’t eat nor likes olives, I surely appreciate the hue.

Green can be a difficult color to pair with. It’s one of those colors your eye doesn’t always catch it because it doesn’t stand out to wear on a garment nor can it look appealing to wear. I know this is true because I rarely ever wear the color. But when this olive green came into trend, I absolutely fell in love with it. I had that military jacket for years and I rarely would wear because of the fact that I really wasn’t exactly sure how I wanted to style it and when I did, I opted for nudes or strictly all black. I categorize it with the nudes family, like the cool distant cousin. So pairing it with different shades of the cool green just made it all cooler as I kept getting complimented all night. Needless to say, olive it.



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