My very first time running a style blog. To all the tweaks, deletes and editing, it is certainly what I expected, confusing yet rewarding. With still so much to learn and create to this newly found style blog, I am ready to challenge myself.  My name is Joanna and I am a fashion enthusiast. I am from Atlanta, not born but raised here majority of my young 23 years of life. I was 12 years old when I picked up my very first fashion magazine. It was an Elle issue and ever since then, monthly pick ups at the book store became my thing. I studied the magazines like it was a college final and my grade depended on it.  I became familiar  with the brands, designers, models of that current time, trends, fabrics, jewelry, the whole nine yards. Soon enough, I was proud to call myself a fashionista.  Eventually, everyone knew me for my sense of “style”. Thinking I was fashion forward with my new black, pointy flats and my Coach bag my godmother had given to me as a gift (I was 14), I thought I was the it girl. I grew confidence.

     No matter what I was wearing, I grew the confidence in myself in not caring what others thought about me, well most of the time. Because to be honest, there were things I’d wear and get the bizarre wide eye looks and stares from everyone- family, friends, strangers. I could feel their eyes pierce right through me but that gave me a sense of self-assurance. Like yes I am wearing this ridiculous outfit and yes I know you see me wearing it, and yes I LOVE IT SO IDC WHAT YOU THINK OF ME. Throughout the years, my style has consistently changed and it continues to do so. One day I wanna look like a “bad bitch” with my little nude dress and thigh high boots. Other days I look like a tomboy with my New Balance limited edition sneakers and rocking my Fool’s Gold t-shirt. It took me several years to realize that I can’t just stick with one style. I love mixing and experimenting. I love mixing old with the new, pretty with ugly, sweet with edge. It’s the thought of putting together a look that makes people stop and admire for a second and think, “Hmmm…That’s an interesting look, I kind of like that.” It excites me, because I know I have made people look and potentially be a source of inspiration or just give them a new outlook- on a style perspective that is.

As I continue to create and inspire this blog of mine, I hope that anyone who view it will catch a glimpse of my vision. From styling tips to POV on current trends- make up, hair, runway, current fashion events, I hope my blog can be source of inspiration, encouragement, and real advice for everyday styling. With that being said, cheers to my very first post!

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